Irving, Texas- After a 45-7 loss to the Green Bay Packers, Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager, decided it was time for a change. Monday afternoon Jerry Jones fired head coach Wade Phillips. 

                        "An in-season coaching change is not something I've done before, something I was reluctant to do as recently as last week. But I think what's best for the organization and the fans is a coaching change." Jones said.

                            Cowboys (1-7), have been stugglling on both defense and offense, in a season thats both embarrassing and disappointing. Ever since Jones purchased the team in 1989, he has never had to fire a coach. He had said multiple times that he wanted Wade Phillips to finish the season. The owner had learned, by doing research, that interim coaches were not successful, and that is what caused the owner to decide the change.

                              "Anytime a coach gets fired, it's an indictment of the football team. I hope it serves as a wake-up call for the guys around here. So when they start making decisions like that, it's just a prelude to things to come for changes on the football team." quarterback Jon Kitna said.

                               The defense took it the hardest because they worked the closest to Wade Phillips. Jay Ratliff, who went from a defensive lineman back up under Bill Parcells to a Pro-Bowl nose tackle under Wade Phillips, was especially upset. "We fought like hell for him. Things just didn't go our way." Ratliff said.

                 "I thought we played poorly. I thought we played poorly as a team and we looked like a bad football team. That's the way we played. Bad coaching." Wade Phillips said after their loss to Green Bay.

              Garrett's unit hasn't been much better than Wade's unit. That goes back to right before the starting quarterback Tony Romo broke his collarbone on October 25th, in a 41-35 loss to the New York Giants. Garrett, 44, was the back up quarterback from 1993-1999 behind Troy Aikman. From 2005-2006, he was quarterbacks coach in Miami before rejoining the club in 2007.

                 "I think he's very consistent, very to the routine. I like him as a coach. Hopefully it changes things for the better." Cowboys receiver Miles Austin said about Jason Garrett.