Five NASCAR drivers have declined an invite to meet with the President of the United States next Wednesday at the White House. Carl Edwards, Kurt Busch, Tony Stewart, and Kevin Harvick are not attending the event citing "scheduling conflicts" as their reasons. This has many people in an uproar. People are saying it is "disrespectful" and that there could be nothing more important in their lives than meeting the President. 

But that is simply untrue.

As of now it stands simply as a "scheduling conflict", but we don't know for sure what their true reasons are. NASCAR drivers have very busy schedules. Some don't even lay down in their own beds for weeks at a time. They are constantly traveling to sponsor appearances, track appearances, and autograph signings for fans. Drivers maybe get two or three days a week at home for some down time. 

For all we know Carl Edwards has a meeting with a sick child from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. To some people, Carl is just supposed to cancel that to go meet with the president. Others have said "take the kid with him to meet the President as well," but that is simply a ridiculous suggestion.

I'm not saying that Edwards or any of the other four drivers actually do have a meeting like that, but rather I'm simply using that as an example. 

The Chase for the Championship starts one week after this meeting with the President. Kevin Harvick is locked into the Chase, but has been struggling for the past month. Maybe his team has decided that they need to focus on getting prepared as best as possible to fight for the championship. That should certainly be allowable. After all, these drivers do have a job to do. 

I also found it amazing how the reason cited was a "scheduling conflict", but people immediately assumed that these five drivers declined the invite because they disagree with the President politically. Nowhere was that said. To jump to that conclusion is absurd. And even if it was a political reason, so what? They have every right to disagree with the President, and every right to decline this invite. That is one of the many great things about being American. 

Another thing is that this event is supposed to honor last year's Chase drivers. So why is it being held a week before this year's Chase starts? 

This same event was held last year as well, only last year Kyle Busch did not attend. How come nothing was said about Busch missing the event last year? Why was it okay for Busch to miss it last year, but this year it is a huge issue for the five who are not attending?

This should be a non-issue. The drivers are allowed to decide whether or not to go to this event, and they have chosen not to. That should be the end of the story. It should not be about their political beliefs. There is no reason for people to be getting so upset over this. I'm sure the President himself doesn't even care.

i wouldn't be shocked if we end up finding out that the drivers end up canceling what ever they previously had scheduled and go to the White House just because of the peer pressure. 

Regardless of the driver's decisions to not attend, it is time that we all put this issue to rest.


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