In April, the track Memphians have known as "Memphis Motorsports Park" will reopen as "Memphis International Raceway". Jason Rittenberry, president and CEO of Morso Investment Partners, said they wanted a fresh new start for the facility.

                "We wanted to re-brand the facility more closely with our current Palm Beach International Raceway property. The Memphis Motorsports Park was a Dover Motorsports brad and we our own identity." Rittenberry said

               Rittenberry and Michael and Gil Dezer of Team Dezer Racing purchased the facility for $2.06 million from Dover Motorsports, Inc at an auction in December.

               When Memphis International Raceway reopens, it will reopen as an International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) facility. Other events are still being negotiated, but the events that are scheduled will include Summit Super Series bracket racing, weekly test and tune sessions, IHRA Nitro Jam event, several drag racing events as well as an Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular in September.

            "I am incredibly excited to add Memphis as an IHRA facility. Obviously, we've had a great success with the same group at Palm Beach International Raceway. Memphis is a great market and I can't wait to get the ball rolling and start getting IHRA events to the facility," IHRA president Aaron Polburn said.

           Rittenberry spent 10 years as Vice President and General Manager of Memphis Motorsports Park with Dover Motorsports, Inc before leading the team at Palm Beach International Raceway.

           "Its great that our investor group stepped in and decided to purchase the facility. We know that there's alot of work that needs to go into renovations, but Im confident that it can be done and the facility will reopen in time for the 2011 season. We'll get the right people in place and re-establish the facility in the racing industry," Rittenberry said.