NASCAR made the correct call this morning in parking Kyle Busch for the rest of the weekend due to his actions in the Camping World Truck series race last night.

Busch was on the outside of Hornaday when they both went three-wide to go around a slower truck. Hornaday got loose under Busch and hit Busch, and sent them both up into the outside wall. Busch then sped up, hit Hornaday in the back bumper, and then hooked Hornaday head-on into the outside wall.

Busch's actions last night were immature and dangerous. Busch is fortunate that Hornaday only had his shoulder pop out of its socket because it could have been much worse.

Since NASCAR put the "Have at it, boys" mantra in place before the start of the 2010 season they have said that there still is a line that can be crossed when it comes to retaliations, driver fueds, and racing incidents. Everybody has been wondering if and when that line would ever be crossed. It seemed like it was crossed when Carl Edwards intentionally wrecked Brad Keselowski at Atlanta Motor Speedway in March of 2010. Edwards was many laps down due to an earlier incident in that race, meanwhile Keselowski was running in the top 10. Edwards spun Keselowski and Keselowski ended up flipping over. NASCAR deemed that that incident did not cross the line, and they just put Edwards on probation for a few weeks.

Many felt that the Edwards-Keselowski incident definitely crossed the line, and many felt that the Busch-Hornaday incident last night crossed the line as well. Apparently NASCAR felt the same way.

It is a good thing to see drivers voice their frustrations over the radio or on TV or in the media center. It's good to see them be aggressive with each other, and even good to see some retaliations every now and then. But there is a line and Busch crossed it last night.

There is no need for in racing for what Busch did last night. That is how drivers get hurt. His actions were stupid, immature, reckless, and very dangerous.